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Escape from the cult

You always hear horror stories about people joining cult groups getting killed or stalked or harrassed if they try to leave. Taco Bell is no different. I quit there a couple months ago. For the first month afterwards I still had other managers calling to ask me questions. And now two months later I am still having people I used to work with stop by. Not that I mind, LOL, it's just funny. I commented to the girls that stopped by last night "There's really no escape. I'll be connected to Taco Bell for the rest of my life!" Oh well, there are worse things... Like my on-going search for a new job and all the crap I am dealing with there. And the fact that I am having really strange dreams lately. Ive documented the last several in my own journal (if anyone is really bored and wants to look for them, the subject has the word DREAM in it) *sigh* I have another job interview on monday. Its going to be a long weekend waiting....
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