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hungry? why wait...cross the border!

Ah yes. Taco Bell and it's cult...I think I'm gonna like it here. Eating my overload of 3 soft tacos, nachoes with 3 cups nacho cheese, and cheesy fiesta potatoes(soft drink as well; diet pepsi...the irony to the fat in those foods). Oh yeah, I'm hungry. Can't ya'll tell? It sounds ridiculous, but what isn't? And I'm putting on those pounds, too. I'm mean just read what I'm eating! Not saying I'm proud of having a little too much weight added on for my own good. Anybody know what happened to the cheesy gordita crunches? I skimmed the menu and I didn't see it there.
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We have had them for a very long time...They have never been on the menu...
Well, not counting when the promotions occur.
Enjoyed talking to yourself(?)...cuz you replied to yourself. *laughing* It didn't seem like it was that long that they had it. A very limited time thing it was.
Cheesy gordita crunches are considered a LTO (limited time offer) however every store is allowed a certain number of special, or wildcard, items that they can carry reguarly even tho its not a regular item. At my store we had cheese quesedillas, chllicheese burritos and cheesy gordita crunches as our wildcards. (yes plain cheese quesedillas and chillicheese burritos are 'extras' not everyone has them and they're not required) another store nearby had the cheesy bean and rice burrito instead of the crunch. its all a matter of what your ASL or corp office feel like doing. thats also why different stores have different drinks. some have dr pepper, others have cherry pepsi.
Damn...and I loved those chessy gordita crunches too. Oh well, should they come back, I shall buy a bunch of them and save for an entire week as part of my breakfast-lunch-dinner routine. I don't follow that idea in eating the appropriate foods for the appropriate time. If I'm hungry in the morning, I might have a taco or hamburger. That's the pleasure of bending little rules such as that---if it is a rule then it needs to be chucked. Thanx for letting me know about that. It was very disappointing that they canceled such a good deal. Hey, mind if I add you?
oh no, not at all. go right ahead. I hope that my vast knowledge of all things taco bell, now useless to me since escaping the border, might come in handy to you! *giggles*